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Premium Ollin Single Monitor Arm

Premium Ollin Single Monitor Arm

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Horizontal adjustment 674mm (26.5”) for desk clamp versions
Vertical adjustment: 346mm (13.5”) for desk clamp versions
Screen Weight Range: 0 – 9 kgs (0 – 19.8 lbs)
Stop Function: 180/360 capability
Monitor Head: VESA 75 & 100 compliant
10 year warranty

The technical cord that controls Ollin’s arm means it can accommodate weights from 0kg up to 9kg. No other dynamic arm on the market can accommodate tablets, monitors and laptops in this weight range.

Ollin’s smooth articulation and responsive movement gives users fingertip control of their screens. This ease of adjustment naturally invites better posture: because it’s so easy to move the screen to exactly the right position, users do it without even noticing.

With minimal effort and no effect on stability, the screen can be rotated from portrait to landscape and vice versa.

Effective, simple cable management helps avoid clutter. And while the arm can accommodate a variety of monitors and has a market leading range of extension, its compact footprint means it’s not visible behind the screen. Users can focus on what they’re doing, not how they’re doing it.