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What is the difference between a mesh or upholstered back office chair?

This is a common question we get from our customers, below should give you some insight ...

Mesh back option

The most important thing with a mesh back chair is that it offers good lumbar support.

Some residential mesh office chairs have very poor quality mesh which offers very little back support and can damage your back over time due to mesh sagging. Our chairs have high quality commercial mesh which will support your back for the years to come. We ensure we only supply office chairs made of high quality materials.

Mesh chairs are cooler in summer make you sweat less, the also offer even pressure over the whole back.

Upholstered back option

Upholstered backs have a range of moulded back shapes to suit different back shaped. The lumbar in upholstered back vary from chair to chair. It is a personal preference.

Some people prefer upholstered back office chairs because the shape of the lumbar is pronounced and gives move definite support.